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BIO Gemini Award-winning journalist David Akin covers Canadian federal and electoral politics and is currently Senior Political Reporter for National Post. Akin has covered five federal elections and more than a dozen provincial elections. He has reported from several G8, G20, APEC, and other international summits of heads of government. Akin received a Gemini Award for his reporting while he was a correspondent for CTV National News and received a National Newspaper Award certificate of merit while working as a contributing writer for The Globe and Mail. Akin has long been one of Canada's journalism pioneers when it comes to exploring ways to use digital media and computer-assisted tools for newsgathering and publishing. A Montrealer by birth, Akin studied history at the University of Guelph. He lives near Ottawa with his wife and two children. See more at LinkedIn.com

DISCLOSURE: I am a senior political reporter for National Post, a Canadian national daily newspaper and online news site owned by Postmedia Network Inc. of Toronto. National Post pays me a salary for the journalism I do. My salary does not depend on any commissions or other systems that requires me to boost traffic to a Web site or sell more newspapers. Postmedia earns the money to pay my salary primarily by selling advertising space and by collecting subscription fees. I have no control over the advertising content that you may see displayed near any of my work. As a publicly traded company, Postmedia must regularly report to shareholders about its activities and finances. You can learn more about Postmedia Network, its executives and governance here.

I receive no fees, considerations, etc. for organizations or individuals I write about or speak about. I may, from time to time, accept speaking engagements from non-news organizations. I only accept engagements after consulting with my supervisors. I accept no such engagements unless I may publish in advance who is paying my fee, when and where I will speak, and what I will speak about. Anyone who hires me to speak must allow any member of the public or the press to attend my speech. As a general rule, I accept no speaking engagements from any individual or entity registered with Elections Canada or any provincial elections registration authority.

I am not, nor have I ever been during my 30 years as a professional journalist, a member of any political party. No member of my immediate family is a member of or campaigns on behalf of any political party. Neither I nor anyone in my immediate family own shares or equity in any corporation or business including the one I work for. Any investments I have are in widely-held mutual funds.

I am not a member of any union. No one in my family is a member of any union.

I am a baptized Anglican (which means I'm a Christian). I'm certain I do not go to church enough. But when I do go to church, my favourite bits are a great choir and a loud organ. I promise not to argue with you about your faith (or lack of faith) if you won't pick on mine.

I allow my sources to buy me the occasional meal or beer. And I try to return the favour and may buy my sources an occasional meal or beer. I do not accept gifts, grab-bags at conferences, demonstration products, etc. that are worth more than $50 Canadian. Any other material is donated to charity or refused.

If you think other disclosures are appropriate in this space, I'd like to hear from you. All of my contact details are always at www.davidakin.com.


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